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View Full Version : Just hear me out

06-16-2019, 03:53 AM
It is time to file for single carrier status. I know everyone thinks that is impossible, but look at what the Teamsters did with FlexJet and Flight Options:

The reason that the NMB ruled they are a single carrier is because they acted as one system. They made a similar ruling when AA merged with US Air.

We may be the little guys, but there is no doubt that our operation is inseparable from AA's. We use the same reservation system. We fly aircraft owned by the same parent company. We wear uniforms required by the same parent company. We have a training program that is dictated by the same parent company. We have procedures that comply with the requirements of the same parent company. We even get to progress into jobs at AA (and back if downsizing).

Single Carrier needs to be the next step.

06-16-2019, 05:42 AM
I am not an Envoy pilot but I suggest you send these ideas to a member of your LEC/MEC and not on a public forum.

06-16-2019, 06:37 AM
I am not an Envoy pilot but I suggest you send these ideas to a member of your LEC/MEC and not on a public forum.

ALPA wonít file it. Argued at length repeatedly with their lawyer back in 2014-2016. Envoy does meet several of the criteria, but the company also took many steps to separate... example, no longer being in the same $uper$avor 401k as AA like Eagle used to be. Wiping out ICE benefits on the premise itís not a transfer, itís a new job at a new company.
However, AAG stepping in to nix your deal saying your management isnít authorized to make that deal is a HUGE mistake on their part. I think it would be easier than ever to show single carrier when it suits them. Again, ALPA Legal refused to act, promised to research it, then did nothing. The two reps who kept pushing it ended up fired for trumped up BS.
Itís a regional, get in, get your hours, get out. The whipsaw wonít end. The RLA never envisioned the FFD business model, and as a result regionals have little actual leverage. So long as places like PSA exist and raise their hands to take your flying, planes, upgrades and faster flow.... donít fight them and get on their radar. They are proven unscrupulous, deceitful, lying SOBís and theyíll fire you repeatedly just to prove their point and to get you out of their hair for a while.