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View Full Version : Moving on

07-21-2019, 06:57 PM
I got a type from my company and have been there over 6 months but less than a year. I signed no training contract and now I am debating taking a better offer that I got. I would normally stay until my recurrent but the conditions have become quite poor. I know the standard for the industry is stay and stick it out, but operating in the grey area for pretty much every flight. I just wanted to get some feedback and any pointers on what to do. It is not a big company so I don't want to screw over the other guys on the line. But this job has definitely had me considering a career change if it stays this way.

07-21-2019, 10:08 PM
Go to whoever your boss is and explain very professionally that you have concerns with legalities and the way things are being run. Explain that you wish to stay on board but that things are going to need to change. Use specific examples of the issues you are having. If they tell you that its not a problem and they won't change anything, then explain that you will have to move on because you fear that your certificate is at risk. If they acknowledge the problems and fix them, then stay until the one year mark. Aviation is a small community, so do everything professionally and that reputation will follow you around. That includes staying at minimum a year after someone gives you a type, unless they are breaking the rules. Then you need specifics to explain your situation later when it comes up.

Just my .02

07-22-2019, 06:08 AM
If you didn't sign a contract, why is this even a question? You're free as a bird. If you aren't happy, vote with your feet.