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View Full Version : Miami Crashpad

09-10-2019, 09:00 AM
If anyone is in need, I have openings in my crashpad in Miami. It's located in Coral Gables Florida, 5.5 miles from the airport, 2 blocks from the MetroRail train stop that will have you at the airport in 30 minutes once underway. Uber or Lyft is about 12 to 16 dollars each way depending on the time of day and day of the week.

This property is 2 duplexes under one roof. 2 bedrooms and two full baths each side. 55 inch big screen with 240 channels. Fast wifi, 2 community bicycles, 2 full kitchens, 2 bbq grills, excellent location, nearby within 2 blocks is Denny's, TGI Fridays, CVS, Bagel Emporium, Starbucks, and Ohho Noodles. Within walking and or biking distance ( 15 min walk each way ) is Publix, Whole Foods, Winn Dixie, AMC 24 screen IMAX theater, mall, many choices to eat of the chain and local variety.

Provided with the rent is complimentary beer, bottled water, coffee, laundry soap. 350.00 per month

Here is a link to my website,

Please call or text 940-765-8256, leave a message, I will call you back.