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View Full Version : Help low time job

11-19-2019, 03:32 PM
Good evening everyone,
I hope everyone is having safe travels. My name is Jack and I am currently a commercial rated pilot without a instrument rating. My checkride Is schedule two week from day for my instrument rating. After that I would love to start building hours and looking for companies to fly for. I have had my eye on Air choice one based out of St. Louis which first officer minimums are 300 hours TT. I have heard some not to faltering stuff about their communication and not getting back to you after the interview. My question is what other companies are out there like air choice one with low hours that I can apply for after my instrument rating or what can do after to get hours like specific companies to apply for? Thanks in advance sorry for the grammar errors as well in advance

11-20-2019, 05:14 PM
Go get your CFI certification. It'll make you a better pilot.

Edit to add: You should also get a college degree.

11-29-2019, 03:43 PM
Nearly all of the answers to your questions are already in this forum, search and read. Good luck.