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12-21-2019, 05:52 AM
My 36 yr old son plans to get his PP thru a 141 school. Their only option for academics is a full semester at the JC 3-days/wk. Can anyone recommend a specific online option? Any advice appreciated.

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12-21-2019, 06:33 AM
Your 36 (!) year old son canít find any other options by himself?

Part 141 - FAA approved specific syllabus for both ground and flight instruction.

This means they cannot deviate from their approved syllabus and can certainly NOT authorize a different groundschool then the owner theyíre approved to use.
So if itís not this 141 school but another youíll have to abide by their syllabus they are required to use.
If youíre set on doing your own thing you need to find a Part 61 school but even then they can insist you follow a particular track in order to get a sign off for written or practical tests.

12-21-2019, 12:03 PM
I got all the way through multi commercial after work and on the weekends. Progress is a little slower and self study is required. I had to take a few days off for the checkrides. Look for a smaller airport that does flight instruction and you will likely save some money also. No need for 141 if working full time.

12-22-2019, 02:01 PM
Your 36 (!) year old son canít find any other options by himself?

TiredSoul. I very much appreciate the help you have provided. My son asked his dad, a captain at Fedex for some advice & help. Dad was military and doesnít have the GA background, but knew there would be some experts here. Thanks for the kind words.

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