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03-22-2020, 07:22 AM
Fractional Pilots,

During these times of crisis, it is important to ask if your Company has a FURLOUGH Policy... In the past, some companies did not have a written furlough policy and made some bad calls in a split second that hurt their pilots careers, Terminating their pilots with extreme callousness versus giving them a furlough letter as is understood and accepted in this industry.

Why does this matter, you ask? Because words mattter. When terminated 91/91K/135 pilots applied for a job in the old days, they got to explain to a real person WHY they were terminated and not furloughed. With today’s online application processes and application filtering, you may never get past the filter to explain to a real person why you were terminated. Part 121 recruiting departments understand furloughs because they have them unfortunately all the time in this industry, but when they see a termination, they assume that it was for cause. They can filter for anything: Accident/Incident, DWI/DUI, Felony, Misdemeanors, Terminations, GED/H. S. Diploma, 2 Year Degree, 4 Year Degree, etc.

I am sure that your corporate offices have an state-mandated fire escape map hanging on the wall: Make sure that they have a plan for when the shiznit hits the fan... Otherwise, bad decisions can be made when they are grasping at straws in a pinch and make a last second bad decision that hurts your career.

Good luck to everyone during these uncertain times.