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View Full Version : Thanks UAL

08-23-2007, 09:00 PM
Just did a United flight from PDX-L.A.-Cancun then return Cancun-Chicago-PDX. Had fun in Mexico. Anyway being a pilot I enjoy the Flight deck audio in the back that UAL provides if the Captain approves.

Coming back to the left coast on the 18th, arrived PDX around 10pm local time, forget the flight #, but was a 757. Coming through Denver center airspace the lightening storms below us were awsome!:cool: Got to be the coolest thing, be even nicer to see it from the front.

Anyway kudos to the Flight crew and the cabin crew for making it a nice ride. FL380 and Mach .80 beats the tar out of my 182:D Taxi way A-6 was under repair at PDX, for a minute I thought we were going to try and make A-5, spoilers, brakes and reverse thrust:eek:, but settled for A-7.

Thanks again UAL, Bub