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View Full Version : Aviation and the "east"

09-22-2007, 09:13 PM
Hello everybody, as the "old timers" know i`ve been in India for the last 14 months, (Air Deccan), so i thought i`d say a few things about what its like over here:)
well its hot and smelly, but like all places you can find really good places to get away from all that,we (1 ex united, and 2 ex Air Jamaica) have a really nice 3bed/bath apt overlooking the beach on the bay of bengal, we are based in Chennai (on east coast of india).
Generally food is cheap, and if you are prepared to pay a few extra "rupee`s:D you can brew your own "maxwell house rich original" in the morning.
rent for the "beachhouse" is 80,000 Rs=2000$ but the co gives u 1000$ each so you have an extra 40,000Rs for IPL etc which is more than enough,
we fly about 70 hrs a month, and generally have no overnights.
my roster for thisweek gone---
mon=ES(early standby)
tues=637(chennai-bangalore-hydrabad-chennai) about 3 hrs total.
wed=613(chennai-bombay-chennai) 3.30hrs
sat=709=chennai-port blair-chennai (p blair is an island in the adaman islands of the coast of burma)

salary=8500+500for tickets+10$per hour flt time= about9700$ per month the co pays the tax for u and gives u a letter for the IRS and tax here is like 44% so you def don`t pay anymore in the us.

leave--there are diff options but about 3 months on 1 month off.

over here they need hundreds more pilots than they can produce, so "expats"are here for a long time.

well hope this helped.

fly safe Randal:)