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View Full Version : Recovering days off on reserve

10-19-2007, 10:45 AM
In general, how does the airline allow a crew member (pilot or FA) to "recover" days off if they are on reserve and called to do a trip, which spills over into days they were originally scheduled to be off?

I have a close friend whose working as an FA at North American (charter). From talking with her they voted in the Teamsters, but don't have a definite contract yet. Also, she's not completely sure on the current work rules of the company and isn't sure if there is any provision to recover days off. So I *think* she's had situations where she's worked like 10 days straight. 4 days on reserve, get called to a 4 day trip on the last day of reserve, fly the trip over the days off, then come off the 4 day trip just in time to go right back onto the originally scheduled reserve days. Sounds pretty bad to me.

10-19-2007, 11:01 AM
Normally, if you are called on your last reserve day for anything that spills over into days off, that would be junior man pay, normally with compensatory days off later in the month.

If your schedule originally had more days off than the contractual mins, I suppose they could make you work on your day off without giving you another day off as long as you didn't go below the min. But I think most reserve schedules take you down to min days off anyway.

If you have no contract or policy on min days off, then you can theoretically work straight FAR's...meaning you need a 24 hour break every seven calender days. This could be noon-noon, meaning you never actually get a day off.