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View Full Version : Cathay YYZ Pax Base

02-07-2008, 06:46 PM
Hi guys! My search on the forum hasn't answered a few questions that I have. I have heard all of the good and bad and I'm still really interested in Cathay. Just waiting for a call.

If you have any answers to the following, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks a lot!!

1) direct entry to pax base in YYZ- is the 340 and 777 both available? are choices allowed?

2) Is there really much of a difference to the type of monthly block construction? i.e. 340 have the odd overnight in YVR or ANC? or can you describe a typical pairing ( I know, do your best)

3) this leads to how many days off per month.

4) Would there be a drastic difference to a YVR base and there typical pairings. I know they have a pax base but unsure if it's 747, 340 etc

all the best!!