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07-09-2008, 09:09 PM
[my apologies for not putting this in the right section previously]

Hello guys:
I m a commercial pilot student and will be doing my multi engine soon. I will be getting a dual citizenship for India and US in the next 1-1/2. I am bilingual (speak Hindi and 2 other Indian languages-and of course English). Got a B.S in Aviation Administration and a minor in Business. Also after transferring my flight hrs i will be getting another bachelors in Aviation Flight Science. Earlier i had posted a thread regarding Pinnacles CRJ CAE program. Many have said that the best thing to do right now is go the CFI route b4 heading to the regionals here. Just like most young pilots (i m 26) my goal is to work for a great airline like Fed-Ex, UPS or Cathey Pacific someday. I see and hear so many attractive figures flying overseas, especially India and China.
Can you guys guide/tell me if it would make any difference if i ended up flying in India for like 3/4 yrs and then try for a solid airline like Fed-Ex( and these airlines are already expanding in Asia) when the right opportunities open up?
If you guys think that i m just dreaming then dont sugarcoat anything, but if you think i can make something out of this and get good hrs in a Boeing or Airbus type rated aircraft and will be able to follow my dreams then i will be VERY GLAD to get responses from you guys.



07-09-2008, 10:56 PM