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View Full Version : Dave's new airline

12-09-2008, 06:03 AM
Dave Neeleman should be Timeís Man-of-the-Year. His new airline, Azul Brazilian Airlines is schedules to begin service of December 15, 2008. I believe this is the fourth airline that this man has founded.

Daveís new airline is in Brazil and his target market is all those folks who travel by bus on long haul routes. I think Dave is onto something here. Rather than whine and blame, unions, fuel prices, politicians, etc. etc. he has gone out and rolled up his sleeves and gone to work. And if there are opportunities in other countries, well thatís where he will go. Like oil companies searching world-wide for crude.

Unlike the buses, I donít think Dave will allow live chicken in crates to be in the passenger compartment