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View Full Version : Polar contract negotiations

Freighter Captain
06-01-2005, 10:16 PM
Union gives boost to Polar Air Cargo crew
(Original Publication: June 1, 2005)

Crewmembers at Polar Air Cargo, who are represented by the Air Line Pilots Association International, may receive up to $2 million from the union if their talks for a new contract with Harrison-based Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings Inc. fail and they go on strike.

The infusion from the union's Major Contingency Fund can be used for newsletters and other information to publicize the strike, said Ron Lovas, an ALPA spokesman.

The crewmembers hope, however, that a strike will not be necessary, and that a fair agreement can be reached, said Capt. Bobb Henderson, chairman of ALPA's Polar Cargo unit, which has about 300 members. The Polar crewmembers began contract negotiations in February 2003.

Sticking points in the negotiations are compensation and retirement, according to ALPA. Lovas said there is no deadline for reaching an agreement.

"Polar Air Cargo crewmembers' compensation is significantly less than all of our peers in the wide-body cargo industry and we have only a self-funded 401(k) plan to provide for our retirement," Henderson said in a written statement. "Additionally, our work schedules are exhausting. Having the financial support and solidarity of 64,000 ALPA members behind us will be crucial to our efforts as we continue to negotiate a fair contract that corrects these woeful deficiences."

Polar signed a four-year contract with management in 1999, which has since been extended a year twice, Lovas said. It provides scheduled air freight and charter services through its fleet of Boeing 747 freighter aircraft. Polar and its sister company, Atlas Air Inc., are subsidiaries of Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings.

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Farshid Mohammadi, general manager for the North American and international switching business unit at UTStarcom, has joined the advisory board to support White Plains-based eLEC Communications Corp.'s VoX Communications subsidiary. VoX is in Celebration, Fla. VoX deploys wholesale, residential and business voice-over Internet protocol services nationwide. eLEC is a local telecommunications company that offers business and residential customers with local, long-distance, dedicated access and voice over Internet services.

06-02-2005, 05:22 PM
We're wishing you Polar folks the best, as all of us cargo crewmembers need to stick together. Hopefully we can raise the bar a bit with our contract completion sometime in 2005 (?) and help everyone out.

FedEx 727 F/O

07-16-2005, 12:36 PM
are the last two corporations(jewelry and VoX) mentioned also owners of Atlas holdings, sorry I don't understand completely ownership and investor, holdings relationships in this case.


08-03-2005, 03:19 PM
Anybody know what's happening a Polar? I heard they voted to strike just wondering if they got released by the mediator.