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View Full Version : dear ups,

02-11-2010, 02:13 PM
dear ups,

The Executive Board has determined that, until further notice, the following policy is in effect:

1) Do not pick up Open Time except as outlined below;

2) Do not increase original credit line values by more than five (5:00) credit hours using line improvement, trip trades, and pick up of open time to restore SIK or MIL

3) Do not participate in vacation buy-backs

4) Do not voluntarily train on days off

5) Do not bid for vacation on days off

6) Do not bid for trips that carry-in to days off, including preferencing reserve assignments that carry into days off

7) Do not accept Junior Available assignments.

* - Captains on scheduled reserve days should accept JA2 assignments to the right seat.

ps. we look forward to another east coast snowstorm, alaskan volcano and european contractor strike!


your pilots