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View Full Version : fedex reserve buy up

02-27-2010, 02:29 PM
What does this mean to 727 or Airbus reserves?
Regular, Secondary and Custom Lines will receive a BUV pay adjustment, if required, to their awarded BLG.With respect to Reserve Lines, if 96% of the AVG BLG results in an RLG lower than the BUV, the RLG will be the BUV and R day value will be based on the BUV.
So if 727 average blg is 60 does this mean that rsv will not get the buv?

02-27-2010, 02:35 PM
It means the lowest paid guys will get BUV (bought up to BUV). So there will be no difference between lowest paid line or reserve line. Assuming the BUV is in effect.

If BUV was 63 in your example all 727 lines would pay at least 63 including reserve.

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