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View Full Version : FDX - Claiming Airline Bag Fees?

03-18-2010, 07:30 PM
What's the gouge again on claiming airline bag fees?

Am I correct that these fees do NOT count against your travel bank, but are considered additional reimbursable expenses?

I typically deviate by limo, and when I do deviate via the airlines I make every attempt to carry on or gate check my bag.

This recent trip was a special case because I was humping a slightly larger bag than normal ---- I charged the bag to my FDX corporate card during the check in process, so it's now showing up on my Credit Card Tab (...NOT logging it in as an Out-Of-Pocket Expense).

Thanks for the guidance.

03-18-2010, 08:46 PM
Good question. worth an e-mail to the auditor on how to claim it properly.

FCIF 08-0413 Baggage Fees

The company will reimburse pilots for any extra fee assessed by a carrier for the carriage of an additional bag above the limit imposed by the carrier per travel event within the bid month reporting period.

To qualify for reimbursement of baggage fees, use your FedEx corporate Diners Club International card to pay for and create a record of these expenses. Baggage fees must be reconciled through the monthly expense reporting process. To ensure that these fees will not count against your deviation bank, you must identify the expense as "sheduled baggage" in FOX. If you use the corporate Diners Club card, and if the baggage expense is $25.00 or less, you will not require a receipt. If you do not use the Diners Card or if the expense exceeds $25.00, a receipt is required.

This policy places no restriction on the number of bags you carry or the additional weight charges you may incur for a single bag. However, it is not carte blanche. It is meant to reimburse the pilot for any additional fee a carrier may charge for the carriage of those bags necessary for the performance of his or her assigned duties.