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View Full Version : Should I go?

09-11-2006, 03:48 PM
I'm 36 yrs. old, 2 kids, and at a job that I make around 80 thousand but don't like the field. I've wanted to be a pilot since I was like three as I lived in the landing apporach for JFK. I have alittle flight time and love flying. I was in the Marines so I have use of the GI Bill. But have a limited time to still use it. And no, I could not be a military pilot, as my vision was not 20/20. I've been reading most statments about the amount of the loan comes out to and how it seem I will always be in debt. But I work at a union job that makes good money but very unhappy. I plan to still go a flight school in Florida. I would just like everybodys opinion about it. Is it wise to go, or I should stay and work at a job I don't want to do? Thank you.

09-11-2006, 04:00 PM
i would stay a little closer to home and go to a school out of farmingdale.. where on the JFK approach do you live? Im from the area, so PM me to talk a little. might be able to help you

Flying Ninja
09-14-2006, 01:41 PM
On the final approach for 22L and 22R here. If you're making bank and not happy about the job, maybe you need to find a new job. Flying is definitely fun and the cool factor is high. However, you also have to realize that it is very expensive to learn how to fly, get all the certifications and ratings, build time as a CFI and make next to nothing, so that you can go work for a regional airline making a little more than nothing (compared to your current salary). So, my suggestion is to fly for fun and look for another job that you will be happier with. It's one thing if you were single and have no dependents, but your decision for this career change into aviation must be made carefully. I would hate to see you not be able to feed the kids and give them what they need to succeed in life. I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life here. Just something to think carefully about.

I'd go hit up Farmingdale and look for a flight school there and get your private certification first. Then decide if this is something you might want to look into further. And do lots and lots of research and understand the industry. The glory days of making bank flying airplanes are over. Make no mistake abou that.

09-19-2006, 05:01 AM
Well, look at all of us L.I Boys.............
I still fly out of FRG PM me if you need info

Booyakasha Bagwan

09-21-2006, 11:14 PM
If you really want to be a pilot save allot of money(Allot), make sacrifices. Then once you have allot of money pay for your ratings. Keep working at your current job while still instructing, and keep saving. Keep saving money for the day when you say to your current employer, I QUIT! By that time you should have allot of money saved up for those first hard years at the regionals. If you decide to make it a career at the regionals you'll probably top at 80,000 or 90,000 dollars which is your current salary. If you go to the majors you might earn even more. In my opinion go for your dream, you only live once, but do it carefully because you have a family to sustain. I wish you the best.

09-25-2006, 07:17 PM
Thanks for the replys. I'm taking the comments in. The reason I'm at the job I'm at now is because of my kids. It paid more than my old job, Avionics. Which I made half what I do now. Alot more. And thats what carried me through for six years. But why go to a job where you are unhappy, and don't want to do. For at least another 30yrs. Let me just quickly address my GI Bill. It's on hold till I go to a school. But I only have six months left to use. That's the main reason I'm looking to go to a school in Fl.

09-25-2006, 09:35 PM
Just find a nearby 141 VA approved school. Something nice, small, with well maintained planes.

Don't uproot your family for this fantasy, especially if you have kids that are still living at home.

Fortunately I'm 22, with a wife who brings in a good income that we are saving for my career change in 6 months. I couldn't imagine trying to convince the wife if I were bringing in 80k a year. There would be no way.

I would also seriously, sit down with the wife and show her the pay scales. Both of you guys need to see how long it is going to take, minus a furlough, to get back to what your income right now is. You could be looking at a good long uphill battle for a number of years (5-8). If she is working and bringing in an income to help that will only make it easier.

Secondly, if you're 36, expect a 3 year time of getting all of your training out of the way and reaching a good number of TT and ME time to move on to a regional . . . you do have a 4 year degree right? So 36 + 3 = 39. You'll be able to enjoy the career (at least part 121) for 21 years before you have to retire (no comment on age 60 hasn't changed yet, so until it does / if it does . . . don't expect it to). 7-10 years at a regional, leaving you 10 years to spend at a major / large cargo operator. . . you may be looking at a career at a regional. It's your call, and only speculation on my part.

I am approaching my end of service with the Air Force. Moving on to better things, but I'm young, wife is young, and we have a lot of time to recoup any lost wages between now and a left seat for a major part 121 operator. Time is on my side. Is it on yours? It's a gut check for me at times, and I feel extremely guilty for leaving the service, leaving the stability. But I refuse to get hooked on having the government provide for me and my family, especially in these times of far too many deployments, and for a very unjust means.

Nevertheless, that's neither here nor there. We each have our reasons, and I truely wish you the best of luck. Keep us informed of your progress and ask questions. A lot of wise individuals here who can help you along.

Good luck.