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View Full Version : Fedex seniority at LAX

07-19-2005, 03:22 PM
I know theres a lot of Fedex boys on this site and was wondering how long it would take to hold a line or reserve at LAX and what equipment? routes? etc. would be served. Also was wondering if you guys know of any UND alum that fly for you guys....i do know of one who is on the 27 out of alum of my fraternity....thanks guys

07-19-2005, 05:41 PM
Holding LAX, or anything else for that matter, all depends of staffing needs, people moving, and a seat bid coming out. Right now, I see 160 pilots in LAX (all MD-11), seniority ranging from #35 (Capt) to #4100 (f/o) out of 4489 total pilots at Fedex. As for routes? Some domestic, but I know they also have been sitting Subic Bay hotel reserve. I looked at the bid pack for August, and saw all sorts of cities on different lines- Asia, Paris, Honolulu... and Ft Worth, Oakland, etc.

So, you'd have to get hired, probably go to the back of the 727, wait for a seat bid, and get the MD-11 LAX. It happened in less than a year for a lot of people this past year, but at other times, it might take years. As Yoda say, "always in motion, the future is..."

Also, I think if Flight Ops had their way, the LAX base would be gone. Just my opinion. I think it isn't working out like they had planned.

As for your buddy.... he would be the best person to tell you who else was here from your school. I don't know of anyone, but college rarely comes up. Unless your co-worker went to the Zoo!!