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Freighter Captain
08-05-2005, 12:19 AM
Feds Request UPS, Pilots Status Report

National Mediation Board officials requested UPS and Independent Pilots Association officials to meet them next week and provide a status report.

The meeting, slated to take place August 9 at NMB Washington, D.C., is simply a status conference, not negotiations, said officials from both the union and company.

Since June 23, the talks between UPS and IPA have been in indefinite recess. There has been since that time some communications between the two sides, but no negotiations, said UPS Spokesman Malcolm Berkley.

While there have been no negotiations, the recess has not ended the battle between the two sides. The UPS pilots began voting August 1 on the IPA's request for authorization for a release from mediation into a 30 day cooling off period. Along with the ballots, IPA sent along what it referred to as UPS' last contract offer, detailing proposals to boost wages but also healthcare and other costs.

For its part, UPS is refusing to bargain in the public. "It is our intent to reward our pilots, but we also need a contract that gives us the flexibility to grow the business as we move forward," said Scott Davis, UPS' chief financial officer.

Ed McKenna
Air Cargo World