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06-01-2014, 05:19 PM
Hi There,

I am currently residing in US, finished with my ppl and started ifr. I am originally from Turkey and will return after a year. I am planning to get appropriate ratings and want to try my luck with airliners.

Which one is easier or which one should i chose:
1) to get an ATP license from US and make the conversion to JAR ATPL in Europe or,

2) to get an CPL and make a conversion to JAR CPL (only CPL conversion is enough or?) and get an ATPL in Europe

if i had to choose 2nd option what ratings should i get in order to get a proper ATPL in EU and apply for an airliner.

thanks in advance

06-01-2014, 06:56 PM
for the first option you will need to meet the FAA ATP requirements. I think I know which school you are going through, but their advertising falls short of the reality of life.

Second option is more viable. On the other hand there are schools in US that you can gain EASA licenses. (No more JAA) .. Message me if you want more information.

Iyi gunler..

06-01-2014, 11:24 PM
To get an ATPL in Europe (EASA, formerly JAA), you need 1500 total hours of flying time and 500 hours in multipilot airplanes.

In Europe, many guys apply for airlines with a Commercial pilot license, and multi engine instrument rating with the ATPL theory completed (14 exams), plus MCC course.