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View Full Version : FedEx Vacancy Bid Open

Diesel 10
08-08-2005, 10:09 AM
over 150 new widebody captains, 120 w/b F/O's-

Below, please find Posting 05-03 dated August 6th, 2005. As in the past,
this posting was developed based on the most current information available
relative to the fleet plan, projected operating schedules, and anticipated
pilot retirements through August 2006. The posting opens today, Saturday
August 6th, and will close at 1400z on Saturday, August 20th. There will be
one practice bid on Monday, August 15th.

Fleet Plan

B727 Airbus DC10 MD10 MD11

August 05 111 98 38 41 42

August 06 107 110 31 51 49

Future Bids / Hiring

We have approval for 360 new hires in FY06. The plan is to hire 30 per
month. We anticipate the next bid opening in the Spring of 2006.

Secondary Vacancies

The filling of secondary vacancies will be determined at the close of the
bid. At this time, we are projecting reductions in the DC10 First Officer
and Second Officer seats.

Q and A

The Q and A on the pilot website has been developed to give you as much
information as possible to help you decide how to bid in this posting. If
you have an issue that is not covered in the Q and A please contact your
chief pilot. Carefully review your opportunities in Posting 05-03, and
update your Standing Bid as necessary by 1400Z Saturday, August 20th.

Posting 05-03

Official Posting of Crewmembers

Vacancy (V) or Excess (E)

#Pos. V/E Dom. Equip. Seat Vac. St.Date Sen. High/Low

15 V ANC MD11 CAP P/INDEF Oct-05 124 2062

84 V MEM Airbus CAP P/INDEF Sep-05 7 2358

55 V MEM MD11 CAP P/INDEF Oct-05 2 2284

15 V ANC MD11 F/O P/INDEF Oct-05 976 4206

50 V MEM Airbus F/O P/INDEF Nov-05 178 4045

55 V MEM MD11 F/O P/INDEF Oct-05 454 4139

50 V MEM B727 S/O P/INDEF Sep-05 579 4489

08-12-2005, 12:59 AM
Well, looks like i'll be the first, lol.

Thanks for taking the time to post this info! Obviously with over 190 views people are interested in this kind of post. Hopefully before too long i'll have access to these "insider" emails too :-)