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View Full Version : Convenient multi engine training

01-30-2015, 05:10 PM
Dear fellow pilots,

A time ago I asked for advice. I asked if anyone could help me find most affordable and convenient flight school where I could do my ATP.
Having to travel very far from South East Asia to USA, do the required training and then check ride in addition to covering accommodation and food might affect that months income quite a bit.

Now this is just the cost, but then the company you work for only gives you 12 days off where 70 hours are spent on travel to and from the USA. Having jet lag the first couple of days doesnít make it better either.

I unfortunately didnít get any help. I know you guys have probably heard this many times before and probably was fed up with this question. I appreciate no one came with rude comments like other pilot forums.

I did my research that took me couple of days and many phone calls.

Having said that, I did travel all the way and completed it.

Many of you are in the same situation or might be in the situation. Limited on time and want to do it most affordable without having decreased the quality of training. I want to share what I found out and hope some of you can benefit from it.

Below are the most convenient places I found with state and price for their multi engine add on and/ or ATP price.

I hope someone it can be of a help for someone.

Montana 195$ wet dual:
Vetter Aviation (

Texas 1600$:
Aerial Photography (

Texas 2300$:
View topic - Multi-Engine Time Building - Houston, TX ? Aviation forums (

Done privately, no website: 280$ wet with instructor. 830-237-6797

Ohio 3600$:
Contact Steve Buchenroth at Midwest Corporate Air, Inc. (

Missouri 2372$:

Multi-Engine/ATP | St. Charles Flying Service (

Arizona 3600$:
Contact Support (

Arizona 2600$:

Accelerated Airline Transport Pilot Flight Training | Accelerated Pilot Training Arizona (

3 days course. No website, a private person running it. Matthew Aviation (270) 257-8300

Connecticut 2100$:
Action Multi Ratings - Multi Engine Training Specialists located in Groton, CT (

Wisconsin 2500$:
Aviation Services LLC - flight instruction for beginners to professionals (

Multi Training (

Kansas 1500$:

Indiana: 263$ wet with instructor:

Albuquerque 2500$:
del sol Aviation in Albuquerque, NM - Multiengine Rating (

Arkansas 255$ wet dual:
Summit Aviation (

Colorado 275$ wet dual:
Rates | Colorado Takes Flight (

Michigan 3000$:
Michigan ATP Rating Flight Training Instructor - Flight Training - Traverse Air Inc. - Air Planes - Aviation - Traverse City, Michigan (

Massachusetts 2500$:
Program Costs | Accelerated Multi Engine Ratings | Dash Aviation (

01-31-2015, 04:53 AM
Thanks foto the info

Twin Wasp
02-01-2015, 01:55 AM

Many times people post "I want to come to the U.S. and learn to fly. What is the best school?" Define "best"? Cheapest, newest planes, most thing to do when you're not in the plane? It's impossible. Plus many people do not understand the sheer size of the country. You can drive from the top to the bottom of England in a long afternoon. It can sometimes take 3 hours to get from point to point in the metro complex I live in. There's no way to have knowledge of all the flight schools in the country. So we just roll our eyes and move to the next thread. You have obviously spent hours tracking down info and it is incredibly nice of you to share this information. Karma will be kind to you.

02-01-2015, 09:46 PM
I hope to help out anyone who find this useful.

Guys looking looking to do their ATPL, limited on time, money, looking for best transit and all other reasons will especially find this useful.

I am not looking for any feedback on this. As long as this shows up when pilots search for something similiar should be good enough.

02-02-2015, 06:53 AM
Yes, thanks. I saw your request and know of some schools but I've been in the airlines for so long that I'm not really comfortable recommending schools anymore...which may have been good to me last century, but I have no idea how they are today.