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View Full Version : FMS

02-19-2015, 10:45 AM
Where can a newbie to 121 learn FMS before going to class? I know you get trained on how to use one during class. I just want to spend some time learning it now to minimize stress during class.

Withy that said, software? Book? Web? Please share good source to learn FMS.


02-19-2015, 10:49 AM
Honeywell or Collins?

02-19-2015, 12:11 PM
Don't waste your time. I have been in three new hire classes that included CFIs, military pilots, young, and old with zero FMS experience and no one ever had an issue with it. You will probably spend an afternoon on a computer where the instructor will show you how to build a flight plan. After that, you will be able to practice on your own until you feel comfortable. You will then learn about all the extra features that aren't really important on the line. It is just like getting used to a new operating system. Sure, you can read the manual all day long, but just playing around with it for an hour will be much more productive.

PRS Guitars
02-19-2015, 03:13 PM
I had never used one before and as was said, learned it fine. I had to practice a bit on my own on one of the desktop sims we have at work. I was able to find a free users manual through Google and some how to videos on you tube. They went into quite a bit more detail than required though. So just read about the basics.

I also had only used a very basic autopilot (I have a fighter/trainer background). Those two things were the toughest thing to grasp, but I did learn it all just fine.

02-19-2015, 05:06 PM
Would you guys say level of difficulty is similar to Programming G1000 for route/hold/approach? Or is FMS way beyond G1000?


02-20-2015, 02:17 AM
It can be a lot of information to swallow no doubt. Like PRS, I came from a background with no FMS experience. My first civilian sim experience we learned to do what was required for the checkride, but my flying job still didn't have a FMS, s oevery year was just a rehash of the last. I recently attended a ProLine21 *recurrent*, but it wasn't a recurrent for me since it was all new. This is where I felt that a lack of FMS experience was a detriment. With only two sims to try and get down the FMS while still learning a new avioincs suite and still doing the regular recurrent stuff - it was not the best training in my opinion. 2Stg is correct, at least in my experience, that you can read the manual all day long, but sitting in the sim/airplane and actually pushing the buttons (with some real world scenarios) is the best way to get a feel for the FMS/avionics suite.