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03-05-2015, 05:34 AM
I had posted previously about working toward my PPL then eventually IFR and Commercial to compete for an aviation position someday at my current LE employer.

On this venture, my thoughts are to take it stages and stage one is getting the FAA PPL Written portion out of the way. Weather is less than favorable where I am located this time of year and completing this phase of training makes good sense to me.

A local flight school is offering a 12 week formal ground school which meets once per week for about 2hours per night. The course fee is $575 which includes a PPL kit (books ect...) they are valuing at approx. $125....

I have already purchased an online ground school from a company I will not mention because I don't think its a bad course I am just unsure if it is the right learning environment for me?

I am very busy with life and and I just transferred to a new part of the state, are in the process of buying a house and money is tight.

I feel if I don't embark on the formal ground school I may not focus enough on studying the online program and not be successful in my training endeavors?

My thought with taking the formal program is that it will more or less force me to learn the material, attend class and pass my exam....

Even though it is $575 I could use elsewhere at this point in life it may be the kick start I need to focus on the chapter of my life.

Any thoughts on success of both routes?