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View Full Version : suggests for flying clubs

05-01-2015, 06:58 AM
hi guys, I'm from Europe, I'm going to start my training PPL IR CPL in the end of the year, would you suggest any cheap flying club that gives M1 visas where to rent airplanes per hour and pay the instructors hourly? I was thinking to go to California or Florida but I'm willing to go anywhere in the US, i just need to save money (flying safe of course).
I found a flying club in Long Beach, the "Long beach flying club" they have good prices per hour (anybody knows?)
I would avoid the flight schools, i want to save as much i can.
Any suggest is very appreciated, thank you very much.

05-01-2015, 07:57 AM
I've never heard of any club authorized to issue visas, because they are clubs, not flight schools. Most flying clubs require you to be a member, then they rent you the plane. Then you hire your own instructor who usually also has to be a member. An easy thing to do, is contact a Flight Standards District Office in the area you want to train, and ask them who is authorized to accept foreign students. You can find these offices on the (

Also, going into flight training with the idea of trying to save money is like trying to buy the cheapest Ferrari you can find, it may be cheaper, but it's till expensive. A good school will save you money in the long run, however the key is the instructor. In the US, pilots need 1500 hrs to get into the airlines, so it should be getting a bit easier to find higher time instructors, in the past, at 500 hrs, they were gone, sometimes even sooner. Using your PC to introduce yourself to flying. It is a really good tool, when you get into instrument flying.

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