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06-14-2015, 01:00 AM
Has anyone been to a place called "SimCenter Tampa Bay"?

SimCenter Simulators, Things to do in Tampa Bay (

They claim to have an authentic B-737 flight simulator (looks more like a high-end FTD or AATD), suited for "professional pilot training":!f...oeing-737/cq9d (

They claim to be affiliated with a Cockpitsonic, out of Germany, but thru a US affiliate: Flight Simulator, Race Car Simulator privider (

If anybody has any information, has been there, or has done business with "Cockpitsonic", your thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank You.

06-14-2015, 01:09 AM
Cockpitsonic builds meduim end Microsoft flight sim hardware... Its basically a mid to low end ftd running fsx.