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View Full Version : Medical problems

Iron Maiden
07-27-2015, 02:15 PM
Just came back from the Eva Air interview, signed the pre-employment offer (pending the medical) but I failed the color vision part of the medical. Never had an issue with the FAA, I was blaming it on being jet lagged, 6 total hours of sleep in 4 days with watery and blurry eyes from being so tired.

Can I do something about it? I tried the color plates 3 times and failed all times, but I've had jobs in the military that I couldn't get without being deficient. I want to go back and do it again. I came so close, feel a bit robbed of this.

Are there any airlines overseas that I can look into that might be relaxed with this? Want to fly something big, that's my goal. Looking at Cathay Pacific because they take letters from the FAA and Drs stating that it's not an issue.

08-05-2015, 06:10 AM
Hi, those Ishihara plates are pretty tough even for people with normal color vision. Some are really easy and some are harder. Most airlines use the standard Ishihara 42 set plate and select maybe 6 to 10 of those randomly. There are websites like colorblindor or even apps on the iphone that you can use to practice. Unless you are completely colorblind you should be able to get the hang of them. I used to struggle with them too but now i pass it all the time. You can also try the Farnsworth Lantern test (which is an approved color testing for most authorities including FAA) and see how you do. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.