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View Full Version : Calculator use on the ATP Written

Just Fly
09-22-2015, 09:32 AM
Looking for some gouge on the use of a calculator when taking the ATP written. I know calculators are allowed and a fistful of problems on the test require straight up aero formulas (convert Mach to TAS at a given alt and temp), but i've also heard there is a built-in calculator as part of the ATP testing software. So 3 questions:
- Can anyone validate whether the ATP written test includes a calc?
- If so, is that calc sufficient, or are you better off bringing your own?
- If there is a built-in, do you know of any on-line modeling for their calc, so you can practice on how to use it, before showing up for the test.

09-23-2015, 02:00 AM
There are two testing systems (CATS and Lasergrade), so there might be some variances in what each system provides. I took mine on CATS, and I believe there was a simple math calculator available as a pop up but without aviation functions it's not really useful.

However, my recommendation is to buy an FAA testing-approved calculator with all the aviation functions. If you're like me you use a smartphone for all flying ops - which isn't allowed. So buy it from Amazon, practice with it while prepping, use it on the test, then return it when done since you likely have a good calculator on your phone. Simple.

I tested under the old system and used Sheppard Air so think I broke out the calculator only once or twice. With their gouge you likely know most of the math answers ahead of time.