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View Full Version : Study aviation in Germany

10-24-2015, 01:30 AM
Hello everyone how are you today?

First off please advice me what is the best school in Germany that i can do my ATPL,PPL,CPL...etc in English because until now i found only 3 schools the first one is:

* RWL, but no English in this.
* MFA Munich flight academy, courses in English is available.
and the third one is HAEUSL'AIR, courses in English is available.

Which one, or which schools can you recommend for me in Germany please?

Because i was going to register in Spain in a school called (Aerolink), however when i called them, the head of the instructors barely he can speak English, and even i could not understand him very well, also a friend of main told me don't go to Spain because even the exam they translate it from Spanish to English and rarely you can understand the question it's like they are using google translator ! by this i was afraid to go there, please help me finding the suitable school in Germany i need to start studying as soon as possible

10-24-2015, 07:06 PM
Pprune will give you better answers. For what it's worth, the exams are not translated from Spanish, but they come from a central EASA database and you will find the same questions word for word in the commercial study guides (in English.

As far as Aerolink goes, I have personal experience there and even if the guy on the phone didn't have the best English, they do have some really good ATPL instructor, some who speak great English and even some native English speakers.

In Spain, all ATPL test questions are multiple choice. In Germany, they have many questions that are open answer. Spain now has computerized testing.