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View Full Version : Redbird Skyport - San Marcos, TX

10-24-2015, 09:51 AM
Hey all,

I am currently a junior in college, and the closer I get to graduation, the more serious I am getting about really finding a great flight school to launch my career towards being an airline pilot. I know flying is what I want to do, since I have seen first hand what the lifestyle and career path is like from my father, who flies for a major airline. Flying for an airline has been the dream for years and years, but finding a flight school is a bit more challenging than I thought it would be. Austin, TX is my hometown, and I would prefer going to a flight school in the area to save money as far as housing goes.

Redbird Skyport has been on my radar for some time now, but I just don't know much about it, or what programs they offer there, as far as getting all of my ratings and certificates towards being a professional pilot (I am starting at 0 hrs. TT).

Does anyone know what their flight school is like? I can't seem to find any threads that talk about it, maybe because they are fairly new, or smaller in size. Any information or tips on what the school is like would be much appreciated!

10-24-2015, 11:00 AM
Best thing you can do is go in and talk to them. I know that they took someone with 0 flight time to private license, where the first time he flew a plane was his check ride. It was a publicity thing to show off how well their Redbird simulators work. We hangar our plane with Skyport, so I know the people there pretty well, but never have had any interaction with their CFI's. Good group of people though.

Heads up, there is a new company opening doors at HYI in Feb, Coast Flight training. ( . I met with the founder the other day, seemed to be a very stand-up guy. They have a pipeline program with Envoy, supposedly you get a conditional job offer with Envoy on day 1 of being a CFI for Coast.

Also, ATP flight school just opened up shop in GTU...