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View Full Version : Gulfstream Performance Software

08-17-2016, 09:58 AM
I'm evaluating alternatives to AFMatic for performance planning/weight and balance for our flight department.

What do other Gulfstream operators use and what is your experience with it?

08-17-2016, 07:48 PM
Not a Gulfstream guy, but EFBPro can be tailored to any aircraft, does perf and W&B, and is inexpensive.

08-18-2016, 09:44 AM
Both GDC and ARINC Direct have full offline W&B and Runway Analysis programs available from their iPad apps. They get the info from APG which provides alternate departure procedures as well.

If you don't mind waiting a few months, Gulfstream will be rolling out their own W&B/RA program for iPads. They're starting out with the new 500/600 data followed by 450/550/650 and eventually the classic jets as well from what they were saying at the operators conference. It will do everything the GDC and ARINC Direct apps will do, and also provide twin engine SID climb data.

08-18-2016, 06:36 PM
G450Guy- did they give an estimate for 450/550/650 program rollout? We already use PlaneBalance and have been waiting for the performance solution for some time.

08-26-2016, 09:24 AM
Sorry for the delay. Here's what they had on their slide:

G650ER and G650 Release (Summer 2016)
G550 & Special Missions G550 Models (2017)
G450 (2017)
G280 (2017)
G500 (Available before EIS)

Mach Decimal 92
08-27-2016, 11:27 AM
Saw a demo of the app yesterday. Looks really cool and gives a nice visual representation depending on your TO configuration or Rated/Flex. I think they also use APG for survey info.....just use ARINC