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View Full Version : Corporate flying in S.E.Asia

08-29-2016, 09:57 AM
I'm looking for information on what pilot contracts look like on the corporate side in Asia.
What are the pay rates like for G-5's and G-650's both for FO's and CA's? What would the difference in pay be if the company provided the type rating?
In regards to QOL, what is considered a decent schedule for expat's vs commuters. What other QOL benefits are normally to be expected, such as housing allowances etc.

09-11-2016, 12:06 AM
I'm here now... Live in Hong Kong flying FAA Part 135 for a company . In general, this is my first corporate job and I wish I left my 121 job sooner. Not all corporate jobs are the same obviously but so it all depends on which company you are with and what account you are on. I have a ton of time off and fly to unreal places that I would have never spent my own money doing so.

Most expat corporate jobs here give you the following or near it:

25-30 days annual paid leave
Paid health and dental
Paid sick days
Great per diem! (None of this regional 121 BS)
Generous housing pay
Bonuses at the ending of the year
CAPT pay: 190-240K USD
FO pay: 140-170K USD

Everything above is general benefits and obviously depending on who you work for (and fly for) depends on QOL and PAY...

For Captain positions they all want time in type. (Yes, there are a few people who get lucky and get bonded for a type)

For FO's most of them state they want you to have the type and time but depending on their needs at the moment they flex.

Again, it will depend on the company, the airplane type and the owners..... Oh and you won't be able to commute usually......