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09-02-2016, 12:20 AM
There was a time APC was THE place to go to for the latest and greatest on each and every airline. Be it mergers, strike votes, TA announcements, vote percentages, contract details, etc., etc. If it had to do with an airline, pilots, ATC or aviation in general - you could find it here. APC had it all!

Now the information is skimpy at best and usually late.
For example are Fedex pay rates pre- or post new contract? When does the new contract expire? What about SWA and UPS? Why is there no TA info on respective airlines' profiles? How did American/USArways (America West and USAirways) merge their seniority lists? What about AirTran and SWA? Which regional has a flow through to a major airline? ..etc., etc..

This is AIRLINE PILOT Central and it's where we used to go to for the very latest and up-to-date scoop. Now Google seems to have more info than this site.