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View Full Version : Attention All MSP Alaska Pilots!

09-02-2016, 09:11 AM
Fellow Pilots:

Come out and support your profession and your Delta brothers and sisters. It is all hands on deck for September 15. Informational picketing events for MSP and DTW are scheduled for September 15. We know this is short notice, but we also know that Council 1 pilots were a big reason our previous informational picketing was a success. We need you more than ever. We are currently pulling permits and donít foresee any problems.

Those of you that were able to come out in unity for the June event will be well versed in the process. For the newcomers the highlights include:

All pilots must attend a briefing at our staging location prior to participating in picketing. (And yes you must attend the briefing even if you picketed in June.)

Staging Location: MSP ALPA offices at 7900 International Drive 6 Floor Minneapolis, MN 55425

Parking available in the attached parking garage, please use upper level.

Summer uniform to include hats and orange lanyard. If you don't have an orange lanyard, not to worry we will provide you with one.

We ask pilots to please utilize the following registration link to RSVP if planning to attend.

But last minute add onís are welcomed, so please stop by the ALPA office before joining the picket! There will be a bus running on a schedule to and from the terminal to the ALPA office.

ALPA will provide shuttle bus service from the ALPA offices to the picketing location.

Please arrive at the ALPA offices at 7:30 a.m.; briefing starts at 8:00 a.m. sharp. Coffee, water and doughnuts will be available.

Picketing will occur between 9 a.m.-Noon with several shifts available. Pilots may picket multiple shifts and would be very helpful, so please donít leave until the event is over.

If any pilots would be willing to help with additional logistical support tasks for the event, your SPSC is looking for approximately six volunteers who would be willing to help beyond picketing only. If you are interested please email SPSC MSP Chairman, Mike King at: [email protected] Also, new hires are welcome to help in the office, but canít picket. We are also looking for someone who can take pictures of the event.

At the conclusion of picketing please join us at the ALPA offices for pizza and a social hour.

All pilots are welcome, even those who belong to other councils and other airlines.

Given the current pace of negotiations, and the rapidly evolving negotiating environment, it is more important than ever to display our collective unity and resolve in achieving a market based contract that reflects the worth of our pilot group.