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Originally Posted by Maxcackel View Post
Keep firing off resume's. They give second chances unlike big D.

Was doing that till they closed the window.
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Chip, I know how you feel. I have been swimming since Sept. Doing the math looks like calls should go out today or tomorrow. That would give us time to give a two week notice for July 23 class.
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Any talk over at Atlas about preferential interviews for fellow Teamsters pilots furloughed from World Airways? Plenty of current -400 pilots on the street and MD-11 guys that can fly anything you guys have also.

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I would have to go with draining the pool, then consider preferential hiring. Some of the poolies have been waiting over a year and some have been out of work that long.
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So has anyone heard of any phone calls going out for the july 23 class? I'm also a September interviewee and have been waiting for the phone to ring!
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Calls have started going out...heard from a friend who was a long time pool resident that got the magic call from Purchase.

No idea of how many have gotten them yet. I am NOT one of the lucky ones as of this time. Grats to the folks that have received one.

I'm going back out to the BBQ to char some animal flesh and put a dent in some Dos Equis. Keep the faith.
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Just got the call....Have been hired at an ultra low cost carrier that is doing very well right now just after i interviewed at both and got the pool at atlas. Deciding by the end of the day......

Are the pay rates on the airline profiles on this site still correct?

Would a first year guy on the 747 expect to make more than the 50 hour guarantee?

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The pay rates are current, they'll go up a dollar or so in OCT. You'll get 1600 a month for the first 4 months or until you finish OE, whichever come first. Then the 50x75 comes into play. But there is also a rig and you'll break 50 hours after 10 days on the road.

There is no telling how much flying you'll do. Most months I get an extra 10-15 hours above the 62 from the rig. I was supposed to DH to work today. Scheduling called this morning and my whole trip evaporated and now I'm on home reserve. If something doesn't happen in a few days it'll be guarantee this month.
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Just got the call for July 23rd 747 class. Interviewed September 15th. Was one of the only RJ guys in my interview group. Very excited!!!
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Congrats beech_nut! I can't tell you for sure what you'll get your first year...I was hired Jan '11 into the Classic. Most of the guys in my class rarely broke guarantee.

That said, that shouldnt be the case in the future as you won't be Classic bound. Aside from suffering through training pay for oh too many months, the guys in my class who were put on the -400 were getting more than guarantee every month. A few guys I know averaged 80 hours for the year when they were through IOE.

No idea on how the 767 will pan out hour wise....maybe a 76 guy can weigh in...

I've heard (again from a very reliable source) that all of our lift is already sold out for the remainder of the year. Not sure how you quantify "sold out" in this industry, but I think the point was that our airplanes are going to be moving non stop.... and they are hiring more pilots.... and we are getting new airplanes.... and hopefully a whole bunch of other positive stuff. Personally I hope we end up acquiring some of these "inexpensive" -400's sitting around out there...

So while your mileage may vary, I would imagine you'd beat your monthly guarantee during your first year. But that's just MHO. I haven't broke guarantee since December....of course I've only flown one leg since then ;0)
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