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A good job!! It might take a while for him to realize that while others have floated away into oblivion, Atlas is still doing fine...thank you very much.
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Originally Posted by Whaledriver View Post
Define pay protection?
I'm not complaining, but it's important to let those interested in coming here know the good, the bad and the ugly.

I assume he means trip credit. Losing a highly productive line award to OE, again, and going from 80+ hours of credit to the 50-hour guarantee kinda blows.

And it'd be nice if 767 open time was offered up for bid the way the 747 does - by seniority.
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Growing pains when adding smaller equipment types...

In about 2 more years, when the 767 FO's start bidding the 747 FO vacancies (3 year seat lock for lateral movements), all new hires will probably start on the "light twin" as it normally is for pay and experience purposes.

As for a little lower pay for two years (first year rate is equal), consider this - where else can you make 50k - 80k your first year? Besides the "big two", where else can you get to triple digits so fast as an FO? How many places posess such a chance for growth / upgrade to Captain pay?

The 767 is a great plane to fly, and already is a great money making platform for the company. If Atlas is right for you, I suggest you happily take a seniority number on any equipment offered.
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Agree with all. A seniority number is awesome and I will not complain. FedEx friends are envious of the perks Atlas has - while a good bud has a crash pad living in Memphis with 4 of his closest strangers! First year pay is awesome here - no complaints - better than all the rest actually.

But I am sure there are other 76 bubbas that would have enjoyed the 74 pay/lifestyle. Live CaptV mentioned...some of the perks are dissimilar than our 74 friends. When bids open all will be made right. Who knows we could see a huge captain bid coming in 3 years with retirements and more jets.

Regardless - thankful for what I have. I've been incredibly happy - wouldn't change a thing.
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Originally Posted by flyboy8272 View Post
Growing pains when adding smaller equipment types...
Like I said, I'm not complaining. But there are plenty of things we can address as we move along. I'm very happy with the support I've seen from the union and the company once an issue is raised.
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Originally Posted by JerrySpringer View Post
They're handing out coupons for the tasseled loafers (Well, I guess in the spirit of the 80's tech, we should be using boat shoes) the first day so they're properly attired for the, distinctive indoctrination ceremony.
As long as they show up minus socks...and original Miami Vice attire(Crockett and Tubbs)...not the remake...they'll be fine.
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Originally Posted by Polarfr8dog View Post
Springer . . congrats on your promotion. Hope to see you in the sim some day. Thanks for making me look like a stellar employee for recommending you!
Thanks bud.

Can't wait to catch up over beers soon.
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It's very refreshing to see guys who actually like their job and their company! I've only heard great things about Atlas and know some guys who've gone from my airline to yours.
If any of you have any FA info for Atlas, such as bases, approx. pay, schedules, etc. it would be very much appreciated! Feel free to post here or PM me.

Thanks so much, guys!
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The F/As are all contracted through Global Inflight Services. They are all IAH based. Got no idea on their pay or schedules.
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Do you guys still have pilots in the pool? Is Atlas looking at hiring in the near future? Thanks.
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