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Originally Posted by HeWhoRazethAll View Post
I know ASAP cannot be used against you if it's a sole source report. But how does that rule apply to OTHER ASAP reports?

Say you have a flight crew who lands without a clearance or incurs onto an active runway, or fails to level off before localizer intercept. They obviously file ASAPs. Tower never noticed the problem, or at least didn't report it. So far, this instance would be sole-source.

However, one of the pilots cites the other's "Captain's failure to adhere to sterile cockpit procedures", or "co-pilot's failure to properly complete before take-off checklist", or "pilot monitoring did not write down runway crossing instructions" or "captain distracted sight-seeing" as a contributing factor. Could that pilot's ASAP be used against the other pilot in company discipline (I'm sure the FAA couldn't touch them)?

A guy I know filed an ASAP for a pretty major issue. It was a failure on the PICs part (failed to brief departure, failed to complete before-takeoff-check), resulted in a screaming controller and all manner of vectoring. He filed because as part of the crew, he should've spoken up to the unsafe situation. He was hesitant to say "captain failed to blah blah blah" but at the same time, he didn't want to unintentionally assume the blame himself.

Most of the time it seems like flight crews try to conference on how to go about filing beforehand to prevent this, but surely there is something in place to prevent one ASAP being used against a fellow crewmember's.

Ive worked at an operator that punished people internally for non sole source ASAP reports. The company was warned not to do this and eventually was fined by the FAA for noncompliance. Unless you commit some of the unforgivable sins (willful non-compliance, trafficking drugs, etc) you are generally pretty safe to report. No one would ever submit a report if they thought they would get into a lot of trouble.
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