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Old 06-23-2020, 01:46 PM   #41  
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Originally Posted by TiredSoul View Post
They don’t need to but it helps a tremendous amount for them to get the “bigger picture” of IFR flying.
Also since the OP intends to go to CPL/CFI there is no substitute for (additional) experience.
I’m daydreaming a little here but if I could do one more 0-CFI student I would take them on a coast to coast 50hr cross country and do all the required IFR training on the way.
Groundschool in hotels and FBO’s on the way.
Couple of 2-3 day stops for some ‘local’ cross countries and approach work.
By the time we get back student will have the 50hr PIC XC and be ready for the IR-checkride.

*Neo, point is there are many options and most of them make sense.
Which one is the best fit for you depends on a lot of factors that we don’t know.
Your learning style, how much time you can spend on this and what your local options are.
If a better option is a 2hr drive away you need to adapt a little just as an example.
Oh man! I would pay you to be me CFI and get the IR the way you said
And I understand, that’s why I want to do the PPL first just to make sure this is for me, I love a aviation and planes but I know that doesn’t mean I have what it takes or that I’m the perfect fit to be a pilot.
So rather than risking it all going full time, taking time off from work, I want to go slowly but not too slow that I will forget the things I learn.
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I see a lot of people that want to be spoon fed the flight training and take much longer to progress. Reading ahead and studying are free, which makes the time in the plane much more productive.

For IFR training, I would suggest buying old copy of Microsoft flight simulator off eBay and a cheap joystick. I spent around 50 dollars for a basic setup. The advantage is you can play around with the VORs, ILS, DME, GPS, etc. to learn how to use without paying for the plane to run. The needle deflected to right with a TO arrow, where am I type stuff. I think a new version is coming out later this year that will have updated info. The home PC does not do a great job giving you the feel of flying in the soup.

Hang out at the airport and become involved with some of the organizations such as EAA, CAP, etc.. Great opportunities will come from just meeting people at the airport such as being a safety pilot, helping someone ferry a plane to annual, etc..
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