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Major Airline or 135

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Default Major Airline or 135

Hey Everyone,

Iím having a tough time making a decision regarding my career and I need some help and advice about what the best option is. Currently, I fly for a 135 medevac operator. I love my job and the people I work with. I live in the city I want to live in and I make a six figure salary with decent benefits. I love the plane I fly and I really enjoy single pilot. The schedule is excellent as well. Recently, I was offered a job with a 121 ULCC. Obviously, this job has the potential to pay more and with much better benefits and, also, a great schedule. However, Iíve been in the airlines before and I honestly didnít enjoy the flying as much as I thought I would. Despite this, Iím currently in my late twenties and I feel that it would be foolish to give up a great gig at a major airline. What would you guys do if you preferred the job youíre currently at but a major airline gig came your way?

Thank you in advance for your responses.
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Congrats on the CJO. Youíve mentioned a few important things. Better schedule, benefits, and money. I donít know where you work or your current benefits but do they contribute a direct contribution to your retirement like the ULCC would? Leaving that on the table versus taking advantage of that starting in your twenties could be a LOT of lost money on retirement. Sure, flying the same ULCC routes for years may get old, but with 3 plus decades of seniority potential, combined with better retirement and insurance, and schedule flexibility it could be a no brainer. Whatever you decide, good luck!
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With enough seniority you should have a lot of schedule flexibility and enough money to do what YOU want to do, when you want to do it and that includes buying a GA plane. You can fly volunteer flights for charities, etc

I sure wish the airlines had been booming when I was your age.
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Think about retirement when considering your options. Many airlines offer around 15% direct contribution into a 401k.
Family travel is a nice plus as well.
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Entirely possible scenario:
The tax subsidies for your medevac operation run out. Or people just move out and there's no need for it any more. Let's say 7 years from now.

Now you are without that job, you missed this likely once-in-a-lifetime wave of hiring. And it cost you millions in retirement and career earnings.
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Airline no question
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Originally Posted by ZeroTT View Post
Airline no question
The fact that he described his current job as pretty ideal, but still obviously applied to the airline anyways, means he probably already knows this. I imagine he made this post just looking for that confirmation.
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Well, I certainly didn't come to a major 121 for the exciting flying....

I came because of the compensation, QOL and the fact that I don't have to ask my DO/CP for a raise every year and then get a measly 2 percent or whatever they felt like.
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