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I have a good friend at UAL we are both on the 767. She does these WAI cons as a rep for UAL. She is a no kidding aviator, has her own Pitts and is one if the sharpest, hardcore aerobatic pilots I know. I am working with her today I'll be sure and ask her about all these transgendered conners at WAI.

Isn't the whole point of WAI about women in aviation?
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Originally Posted by RadialGal View Post
Ha! Point taken, but I think there are enough of gals not to where we don't get hired with lower mins. May our resumes float to the top of "qualified applicants" pile due to our sex; probably. Can't help that one, I was born with the plumbing I have, it's up to the hiring departments how much attention they pay to the F or M box. The gal pals I know that have hired at majors recently were right in the middle of the competitive times of their class. No female insane low-timers like crazy 1980's for United anymore. Airlines aren't my cuppa anyway. So you won't be competing with me.

Just FYI when I went, WAI wasn't a hiring fair; not by any means. Did some hands get pumped? contacts made....sure. But NEVER anything like 3 hour lines and limited numbers of "interview tickets" or whatever handed out now a days.

When I went, people went to interesting seminars, met up for lunch/dinner and went out on the town drinking wine and girly drinks, swapping "this one time" stories about being a female pilot. I mean, being a girl in this profession makes you about as rare as a (fill in your favorite offensive phrase), and this was the ONE time you got to see other women pilots in any kind of numbers. You could be having Margaritas in Reno with an Astronaut, a Bush pilot, a SkyWest FO, a Kalitta Captain, a Training Captain at Delta, a Inst student and a couple of CFI's, It was EPIC. A little taste of the camaraderie you guys share mano a mano.

But no kind of "active hiring" or "active networking" went on. You didn't get brownie points for showing up to the conference. Not at all. Some airlines had some booths there, mostly manned by women, but no interviews or "official meet and greet" stuff. I don't remember seeing a single line at the couple of earlier WAI cons I attended. Well lines at the bar. maybe........

Fair enough, and if you DO get a competitive advantage in the hiring department for that you SHOULD take advantage of it. I encourage all the women I know to do the same! I just think that practice should be changed...

As for point 2, that's fair enough too. I'm too young to know what that would have been like
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Just curious what type of questions do they ask you at these job fairs?
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Are OBAP and WAI usually in the same location every year or does it change? Any info for 2016 yet?
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Originally Posted by Proximity View Post
Are OBAP and WAI usually in the same location every year or does it change? Any info for 2016 yet?
WAI is in Nashville next March. I can't believe I may actually fold and go. Get your tix by Aug 31st to save. Looks like you have to be a member to go. Guess I have to get the monthly mag sent to my house with the strong women on the cover.,d.dmo
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Originally Posted by Airhoss View Post
Isn't the whole point of WAI about women in aviation?
Don't forget how much WAI does for women outside the conference. Scholarships, outreach, etc... and that's funded in part by the droves of men willing to plunk down hundreds to get a shot at just talking to a major/legacy....
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Originally Posted by weekendflyer View Post
Just curious what type of questions do they ask you at these job fairs?
I'm curious about it as well. I'm attending this year and it is my first job fair. Can someone give out some info? Thanks much.
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