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Old 09-13-2005, 05:15 PM   #1  
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Default UPS Domiciles

UPS domiciles are SDF, MIA, and ONT. Does that mean that most of the pilots live in these areas? Outside of Chicago there are lots of UPS jets flying in and out of Rockford (RFD). The ramp is full of their jets. Are these flights originating out of RFD or are they simply coming up from SDF and returning. I am trying to figure out if it would be realistic to live in the Northern Illinois area and fly for UPS or are all the new guys living outside of Louisville? Any info from a Brown Pilot would be appreciated.
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If I had to guess, Iíd say at least 60%+ of UPS pilots commute (including this one). The MIA and ONT domiciles are small and most of those pilots probably live in domicile (because they were already living there).

A lot of UPS trips start and finish with a commercial ticket to/from the aircraft. The ticket is always to/from SDF, but we have some flexibility in changing that ticket so you can get from your home to the aircraft (and vice versa).

Rockford is not a pilot domicile. Some of the aircraft there do go to SDF, but they also go to many other places (ANC, BDL, JFK, EWR, LAN, MCI, ONT, and others).

Itís realistic to live wherever you like. You just have to understand that the industry is dynamic. You might be on reserve as a new hire for 5 years while your buddy who was hired 3 years before you sat reserve for 2 months. While on reserve, you will have to be in domicile and have a crash pad. Iím on reserve and commute from my home to SDF. I spend anywhere from 4 to 16 days in a row (or more if youíre not careful) in the crash pad. Youíre given a 24-hour break every 7 days to make these long stretches legal.

Itís all a matter of whatís important to you. If you have kids or donít care where you live, move to SDF. Every day you donít get used on reserve is like an extra day-off. If you have no desire to live in SDF (like me bear in mind that you wonít be junior forever and deal with reserve and the commute until you can hold a line. Once youíre a line holder, commuting becomes much less painful, though itís never as convenient as living in domicile.

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How long have you been or had you been on reserves? I was also wondering, if your trip starts you out of lets say BOS and you go to PHL, do the 3 hour layover then head back to BOS. But you live in MIA, are you responsible for getting to BOS? I know they get the hotel room for you.

I know that you have planes that start out of other locations and fly to SDF, PHL, CAE, etc for ther night sort. So what I am asking is how do you get to those locations.
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Old 09-14-2005, 05:53 PM   #4  
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I have been on R since Iíve been here (a little less than a year). As long as Iím in this seat I will be on R since there are 8 hard lines and 80 SOís (there are about a dozen on long term medical). Iíve been awarded upgrade with training to commence sometime shortly after the first of the year. Those hired today into the A300 (for example) can hold a line immediately. Different seats, different situations.

If you live in MIA and your trip is built BOS-PHL, you would have an airline ticket from SDF-BOS. You can either get to SDF on your own and then use the ticket as scheduled or you can use the ďticket indexĒ to change your ticket to MIA-BOS. But there is a defined ďwork withĒ fare (above which you pay out of pocket) and youíre no longer ďtraveling as scheduledĒ so if you donít make it to BOS on time, you could have problems.

Hope this helps.

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