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Old 08-05-2007, 09:20 AM   #1  
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Default New FDX CDG Layover hotel (Meridien) question

Do you guys have any eating/drinking info for this hotel area?
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"Do you guys have any eating/drinking info for this hotel area?"

There are cafes, bars and restaurants all over the place there. You can't go wrong with Falstaff for the beer selection and the food seems to be pretty good there as well. There is a Jazz club next door to the hotel that is good. There are also a couple of Irish Pubs nearby. If you want to walk to the Latin Quarter it will take about 20 minutes. The concierge is busy but about as helpful as any Parisian can be. Just ask where these places are. All in all there is a lot to do there.

Have fun but remember, your per diem won't cover 3 meals a day there unless you eat at Mickey D's. Good luck to any STV'ers that end up in CDG on this LOA. You are basically PDO (per diem only) on the days you don't fly. Whoops..sorry for the thread slip!
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Gets Weekends Off
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If you go out the front door, go right down to the first big intersection with cross walks and traffic lights and then make another right you will be on the street adjacent to the hotel. About half way up on the left side of the street (opposite to the hotel) is a place called Indiana's. It is a bar/restaurant. Decent grub, drinks and some scenery. At night you can't miss it with the orange neon out front. Big flat screen TVs inside also. Not a quaint Paris hangout if you are looking for that.
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Post Meridien Intel

The other 2 guys gave you good gouge, here is some more.

Right before you hit Indiana's there is a street to your left. Hang a left, and you have about 2 miles worth of cafe's, restauarants, bars. All sorts of cuisine.

If you go back to that first intersection you crossed, and go left instead of right, there are many more restaurants. If you go all the way to the corner, hang a right, and walk to the next major intersection, hang a right, and you have a about a mile's worth of restaurants, cafes, etc.

There is also a very large train/metro station across the street from the hotel. You can get on the metro there, and ride it up to any of the major attractions (museums, etc.) The concorde station is right near the Westin we used to stay at, right at the west end of the Tulleries/Louvre.

And yes, your per diem will not get you far.
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