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gasnhaul 08-22-2007 03:13 PM

UPS App got the Many qualified yadda, yadda

I just filled out the online app and got something that said no further testing at this time...what the heck does that mean? If you fill out the app and get this is this bad or is this normal? I saw some other similar posts, but they seemed to pertain to the psych eval, not the initial app. Does this mean I'm done and have no chance or has anyone gotten past this? Hopefully not a bad sign, but doesn't sounds great...


MoosePileit 08-22-2007 03:36 PM


Your app now shows as "on file" I'm guessing. Make sure your spam filter allows email from "" so you don't oneday miss the notice and then the Psych eval (the testing) links after your app goes "active". When you go "active" you're getting warm. If you went straight to "on file" you may not have gotten a resume in- don't sweat it. Some get hired now w/o posting one. You can try AIRINC or a conf. to get in a resume. For now, DO NOT have one handwalked in due to over questioning of HR... Apps are good for a calendar year only, expiring 31 Dec 07 in this case, if done like last year. Keep an eye on Freight Dog's mass FAQ work w/ UPS HR coming soon to a thread near you.

gasnhaul 08-22-2007 04:23 PM


Thanks for the update. Yep, actually it shows "on file". I was thinking this was bad b/c I thought I remembered reading something similar from previous posts. Seems I may have jumped the gun a little as those responses I remebered from before were post psych evals, not post app. Plus, my availability is a year out, so I don't expect they will get back with me anytime soon. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't already in the "thanks for playing" pile...

Is there a typical response time for these or ya never know kind of thing?

Also I should hopefully be an IP again before the end of the year, so if I can get in again after the start of the calendar year hopefully I can update with that info.

Later and thanks again!


⌐ AV8OR WANNABE 08-22-2007 11:56 PM

Please post your questions HERE (if you haven't already). This way we'll all get the answers straight from the HR...

gasnhaul 08-23-2007 04:22 AM

Good call and will do!

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