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Default UPS hiring Q&A

Here are a few areas I talked to UPS about. Couldn't cover every single question asked on this forum, but I tried to get info on the major spots.

"Active" vs. "On file": "Active" means you have scored at or
above the current threshold for selecting applicants for interviews. "On
file" means you meet all the basic qualifications but scored below the
current threshold.

FE written: As long as UPS has 3-seat aircraft, it will be a requirement. If you have been continuously employed in Part 121/135 as a captain, then you're fine. No need to go out and get a new FEw. If you switched employers, no problem on the "continuous employment" part unless it was a noticeable gap. As for your FE written score-- it is looked at, but do not go out and take another test if you already did well above the 70% passing grade (90%+ seemed like a good figure- FD).

Flight time supplement: Everyone filling out an app should have submitted a flight time supplement. UPS's computers erroneously didn't include this for some apps, so if yours didn't and you haven't heard from UPS, use the email feature to remind them that you need one.

Updating your app: There is no provision to update your app at UPS. You apply once per calendar year, and that's it. It doesn't matter if you've gotten a Master's degree... there's no update provision for the online app, period.

Does the app window applied in make a difference?
There is no wall between the windows. Meaning, someone that got in on the first opening in 2007 might get called while the second window is open.

Who gets called?:
A computer does the initial sifting of applicants (of which so far this 2007 year is a little more than 2,000). Out of this 2,000, the computer weeds out candidates based on the criterion at the time. About a quarter of this number get selected by the computer. 8-10 factors go into the mix of who these individuals are. Then a Hogan assessment is sent out. Once the Hogan assessment is completed, only then will a human first see your "resume." If they like what they see, then out comes your interview call.

Pool: The number of poolies who have been in the pool for a long time was described as very, very small. Keep in mind that some get called out sooner based on their interview performance and their background. Meaning a lot of hiring into ANC is going on, so a KC10 driver could get the nod over a CRJ driver. It was stated "we do hire from the pool," so if you're in there it's a good thing. There's really nothing you can do to speed your exit from the pool, and if you send somebody into HR that works at UPS that could even work against you.

Scoring: There is a point system in place (1 point for 4-year degree, 1 point for recommendation, etc), but further details aren't given.

One is sufficient. Any more than that will not help your scoring. If the UPS recommender did not fly with him/her, a rec can still be filled out and counts as a "point."

you have to pass the sim no matter how good your interview is, so it is an important part of their evaluation of you. In that sense it's 50% of your entire interview score.

Nepotism: No "in-laws" are eligible-- brother-in-law, mother-in-law, etc. No uncles or aunts, and the other normal family members. Cousins are OK.

Job fairs:
Just bring a resume. No cover letter. Make sure you list the FE written and your PIC turbine time on your resume.

Unsuccessful at your interview: it is very competitive to get in the door at UPS; so many "good candidates" to look at from a field of thousands. So understand why it might be difficult to get back in front of the line again. That's just my (FD) take, not HR's position.

What if you really don't prefer ANC?
They want you to be honest. They realize ANC isn't the city of choice for many applicants, so it won't be held against you if you're a 747-400 FO currently for Brand X and you want the MIA base.

Misc: UPS will hire those without a 4-year degree, because the entire resume is evaluated. It's not a minimum qualification. (easily 95%+ of all new-hires have one -FD).

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What a great post. Thanks for taking your time to clarify all of those questions. You really answered the questions that many of use have been thinking about.
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Thanks FD for taking the time. It is a BIG HELP! Fly Safe!!:P
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Thank you for taking the time to go the extra distance and letting the word out on what is definitely at times an interesting process. I truly appreciate this forum and all it has to offer.P.S. the sticker rocks!

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Thumbs up

Thank you FD, I copied your entire post and emailed it to my friends. Awesome, hopefully they'll keep this "venue" open would other questions arise (and I'm sure they will).

As a matter of fact, what if...
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Originally Posted by Freight Dog View Post
Nepotism: No "in-laws" are eligible-- brother-in-law, mother-in-law, etc. No uncles or aunts, and the other normal family members. Cousins are OK.

What is the Kentucky definition of "cousin?"
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Originally Posted by viktorbravo View Post
What is the Kentucky definition of "cousin?"
Cousins are OK !

But Husband & Wife aren't ?

Probably does eliminate half of the state !

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Thanks Dog!

Your efforts are truly appreciated!

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Thanks for your effort FD. It's greatly appreciated!
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Thanks for the info. It's nice to know you could recommend someone you haven't flown with and it counts the same. Also, you seem to be saying the recommendation counts as a point. If the points are what get you the interview, then it follows that a recommendation helps you get an interview. Many people have been saying the recommendation didn't help you get the interview.
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