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KnightFlyer 05-06-2008 03:45 PM

FDX Hotel
Why did they get mad sending out this FCIF? Hotel changes happen all the time;)

FUK - - - hotel change

FCIF 08-0xxxx (Hotel)
Issued: 05/06/08 2041z
Suspense: 0x/xx/08
All crew rooms in the bid pack schedule were assigned to the Hotel have been moved to the .


Since direct billing is not established at the , each
crewmember will be responsible for all charges and need to submit an
expense report.

Ground transportation will be arranged by the FUK ramp.

Jetjok 05-06-2008 04:32 PM

Who knows, but let's blame DW anyway.

kronan 05-06-2008 05:32 PM

Nope it's ALPA's fault.
They clearly knew that some of the things various MECs negotiated into their respective contracts weren't in the best interests of the generic pilots,
and yet, they allowed these subpar agreements to be voted on and passed by the crew force.

Albief15 05-06-2008 09:08 PM

I used the same term about the delayed bid and got spanked by the moderators. Seems a lot of us have Fukota on our mind lately.

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