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Old 10-04-2009, 08:14 AM   #111  
Slainge Var'
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Originally Posted by Sideshow Bob View Post
Actually Fred is doling out more than his share of misinformation if you're the least bit honest about it. Calling it a "bailout" while playing on the room temperature IQ types is ridiculous, as UPS isn't getting taxpayer dollars which, if you didn't know, is the definition of a bailout and Fred knows it too. Call it what it is...sleazy political opportunism on UPS' part...they are the masters of it. But Fred threatening to cancel 777 orders is also political opportunism, and more than a little toddler-like. Funny thing is very, very few of us look up to or even remotely like UPS management, while many of your gang get a bit emotional and very defensive when Fred isn't glorified by those who don't work for him...very odd.

In principle however I agree with you...if they want to organize they can, but it's effectively a moot point as first they all know that they'll be harassed and likely fired in a tough job market. They're just going to have to buck up and take it, as I have a hunch this thing isn't going to happen anyway.
And I agree with you. I just object to someone shoveling BS to complain about someone else shoveling BS.
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Old 10-13-2009, 04:24 PM   #112  
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YouTube - How Conservative Leaders Are Bought Off -- And Use Their Followers as Suckers
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Old 10-13-2009, 05:04 PM   #113  
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I'm with you. Politicians and lobbyists will be who they are.

The question still remains, "Why does UPS need help?" They challenged the rules in court and lost. They're very proud how their services are different than their competitors. They continue to be very profitable even in a bad economy. So now it's time to force new rules on others to fit the specifics of your own business plan? How many legislators have to be bought off to make this happen?

If you want to change how you do business to follow the rules, go ahead. But I wish you would stop trying to change the game. That type of behavior is much more obnoxious than calling your attempt to change our laws a bailout.

Last edited by Gunter; 10-13-2009 at 06:10 PM.
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Old 10-15-2009, 07:19 PM   #114  
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good grief people. utopia does not exist. add up the ledger, and an honest opinion will admit fdx has done us all well. whining will not change the direction. what you need is cogent leadership, not pontification from every direction. take charge, lead don't follow. and remember to put yourself in the other guys shoes. my dad once said that in union negotiations, you knew you were on track when everyone was a little let down. be the professionals you are. and yes, i have the background to say that.
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