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azvandriver 07-27-2006 10:39 AM

Empire Air Cargo?
I am looking for information about Empire. I am currently flying tours single pilot vfr 135 in Caravans and 207s. I have about 800 total and 115 miulti.

How are upgrades done? is it FO ATR, CA Caravan, CA ATR?
Is the 200 multi a ahard number for the minimums in the right seat of the ATR?
I would like to live in the Seattle area, is SEA senior?
And do they have jumpseat privledges?

Any information would be helpful,

Thank You

azvandriver 08-01-2006 02:59 PM


FX Bone Guy 08-01-2006 09:29 PM

I'm not an Empire guy, but I slept in a Holiday Inn Express last night.
I figured someone from Empire should answer... apparently there's no one using this forum from there. I'm a FedEx guy, and I jumpseat on Empire every once in a blue moon and I have talked to the pilots about "stuff". Here's what I know..

How are upgrades done? is it FO ATR, CA Caravan, CA ATR?
It's all done by seniority. But I don't think they switch guys from Caravan to ATR or vice versa very often.

Is the 200 multi a ahard number for the minimums in the right seat of the ATR? No Idea.

I would like to live in the Seattle area, is SEA senior? No, I don't think so.

And do they have jumpseat privledges (privileges)? No. They operate under part 121, but they have not had jumpseat privileges (at least on FedEx) since 9-11. They do, however, allow us to jumpseat on them still - very gracious! They are not in CASS, FedEx allows only CASS jumpseaters.

jzuniga 08-02-2006 01:51 AM

I flew for empire, but that was a long time ago. I was on the f27, and it was my first "crew" job, having only had single pilot time prior to that, for me it was a great learning experience. they seemed professional and everyone I worked around (anc-fai run) was extremely nice. Additionally, in ANC, the flying was all day flying, 1000am dept's. and no weekend flying (at that time); the money wasn't the best but it was like having the best pt. time job....another plus was you didn't have to load and unload your own freight.
I'd say go for it, but don't sign any training contract!
hope this helped

jzuniga 08-02-2006 02:01 AM

couple of more things:
you started as multi eng F/O and upgraded to capt. based on seniority, or if you had C208 time could go to that plane(more money), or they also hired into the C208 if you had caravan time.
also...domiciles were based on needs of the co. some guys though were "lifers" at those domiciles...good luck

jobear 08-02-2006 04:25 AM

Never heard anything bad about them either. Solid company and good MX according to the FAA.

Take care

azvandriver 08-02-2006 07:34 PM

Thanks for the information. I recently sumitted a resume, knowing that I was short on flight time. I am at about 775 total, and they require 1000. I am most concerned about the 200 multi requiement. I only have 115, as I am flying caravans instead of flight instucting. I plan on reapplying oftenas I get closer to the published minimums, but I will not get any more multi time. I also applied at Mountain Air Cargo, i would prefer to live in the northwest, but I will go with whoever I hear from first.

About Jumpseating. My main concern was being able to commute from my current home in Phoenix until I can move to the domicile. does anybody know if either airline has jumpseat privleges with any airline? My current employer isn't in CASS, but we can still jumpseat on Great Lakes to and from work.

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