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jlg79 08-28-2006 10:10 AM

Air Cargo Carriers Interview Sep. 8th
Wondering if anyone else had an interview then. I have gotten some gouge for the interview and hopefully it is still current. I am a military flight engineer and this will be my first civilian airline interview. Wondering if anyone had any tips or suggestions. I also am not available until the end of Oct. due to military ORI participation, and I was selected to attend UPT although I do not have class dates yet. I want to be open with them about my upcoming commitments but I don't want to "screw" myself either. Any suggestions would be great. I would have used the search function but it is inop, so sorry ahead of time if this stuff has been answered already. JG

dutch747 08-28-2006 02:23 PM

Go to UPT.

dutch747 08-29-2006 05:39 AM

I thought maybe someone else would give you the finger wave but I guess I'll have to do it.

I take it you have MX background and a A&P certificate right? The reason why I suggest you go to UPT and let the military give you your initial experience is because first, although Flight Engineering is an honorable profession, it is a dying profession. And since Atlas has parked a bunch of their 74 Classic freighters, that means there are a lot of FE's with far more experience than you out on the streets.

If you decide to get out, it will be difficult to rack up enough flying time to get into a decent paying gig like FEDEX, UPS. I'm talking 10 years if everything goes PERFECT. In the military, especially the Air Force, you can get enough PIC time to step out and go into a good paying job in maybe 6 years.

I did 20 years in the Air Force, got a nice retirement, and no regrets.

jlg79 09-01-2006 07:12 AM

Thanks for the reply. I am going to interview as a pilot, not as an F.E. . I know that the FE position is going away. I am only 26 and I have been a F.E. for 4 years. I am in the Guard so in addition to being a part time F.E. i am also a civilan jump pilot and flight instructor. I was trying to get a job before I go to UPT to hold a line # and pick up some senority while on mil leave. any suggestions. Thanks again. JG

dutch747 09-01-2006 09:38 PM

Sounds like a good plan. But most cargo carriers will not hold your seniority number for the time it will take to get through UPT. You should interview well. You have a lot of good experience for a 26 year old. Don't let the cargo carriers know about UPT, that will probably guarantee you a "will call" or "hiring pool" list.

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