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Old 08-17-2011, 05:58 PM   #51  
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I am sure we all let our political biases get the best of us, Like I thought this was disrespectful 5 years ago when check6 wrote it":

"Probably not much different except Bush will be out of office. Oh darn!"

I'll bet there is some stronger anti Bush stuff buried in here someplace. I'll bet if I really looked I can find some pretty disrespectful stuff on Inhoffe or some of the other Republicans who hold office. Probably from some of the posters who are shocked that the current Pres could be disrespected. So until we agree to treat all of our politicians with respect it is pretty hard to demand respect for one in particular.

Of course asking some of the Democrat office holders to treat ordinary Americans with respect (or at least not call them terrorists) is probaby out of the question.
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Old 08-17-2011, 06:20 PM   #52  
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he needs to grow up,the common sense train already left him behind at the station
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Old 08-18-2011, 08:51 AM   #53  
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Originally Posted by MD10PLT View Post
What you are referring to is respecting the office of the president. Yes most Americans respect the office because we honor the country and the constitution, but this does not mean we have to respect the man in the office.
He won't be the president forever. When someone you do respect is Prz how can you expect the nearsighted in this country to give Him or Her respect if you don't show a basic respect for their favorite Prz?

Respect doesn't mean we have to agree. Doesn't mean we can't investigate, challenge or even impeach. But it should be done in a respectful fashion if you want to preserve and make best use of the process we have in place.

Did you really mean to compare the POTUS to those other folks?

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Old 08-18-2011, 09:22 AM   #54  
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Since our Nation is going somewhere in a handbasket and we can commute to work, now might be a good time live outside the U.S. Besides the move, can FedEx pilots change their citizenship and still carry the Postal freight? i.e. keep our jobs.

No sarcasm intended.

If the majority of this country, and a majority of its leadership, want to see it turn into a worse financial mess it may be foolish to hang around. Installments on crushing debt can be unrecoverable. Isn't this how many industries fixed their pension obligations? All the while executives received big bonuses. After all the money financial companies made on us, we gave them more bonus money during BK that is coming out of our taxes. Why? Because they took in record fees with little regard for ability to pay, socked it away, and we still want them managing money.

Why do so many top manager types have off shore accounts and demand large bonuses? Because they don't want to pay the bill when the merry go round stops. If they can use the money that should be used for keeping this country vibrant to make a few bucks for themselves, they come out ahead in the end. You and I end up shorted.

Yeah, it's appropriate to be mad. But I respect them like I respect a cobra or funnel web spider.

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