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Old 07-24-2014, 02:10 PM   #1  
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Default Leave Kalitta for Atlas?

Why or why not? I'd be interested to hear any and all opinions from those who work at either place (and anyone else, too).

Yeah, they're both ACMI carriers. We all know what that means and what the schedule entails. We know that our lives are ruled by crew schedulers and that things change on a minute's notice all the time. "Be flexible!"

Regardless of whether Connie's shop is viewed as a bottom feeder, we do have SOME decent things going on.

--Our insurance is dirt cheap, and good (Blue Cross). After 5 years, there's no cost at all for it. So obviously the cost would be significantly more for a family at Atlas.
--We're truly home-based with no other bases in different parts of the country (or world, as Atlas had in years past with Stanstead). In general, you get a ticket from home on your last day off, or your first day on if you live somewhere close enough to make it into position per the contract, and you're returned home on your last day on. Sometimes even 1-2 days early. There's no imputed tax to worry about.
--Connie has very little, if any, debt. As well as multiple revenue streams with the airline, Oscoda maintenance shop, Kalitta Turbines, leasing company, the race team (I don't know if they actually generate any revenue for us, but maybe). Obviously a huge plus when the economy takes a dump. He can generally afford to park a plane if there's no work for it at the moment, without worrying about keeping up a lease payment on it. Those of us at Connie world always hear the "Yeah, Atlas is loaded up with huge debt on their planes and expensive lease payments, etc. If the economy goes, they are going to be in a world of hurt" etc. etc. True or false?
--And of course, except for our usual oddballs, the crews are for the most part outstanding and professional. Very few if any cowboys that I've ever flown with.

There are also plenty of negatives too, of course, not the least of which reside in the upper echelons of management in their individual fiefdoms in Building 1. Plus the usual "the company is owned by one guy, he could close it down tomorrow; Atlas is run by a BOD (is that good or bad?)" argument.

As always, the crystal ball broke years ago. I'm just over 50. Less than a decade with the company.

Thanks for all replies!
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Old 07-24-2014, 07:12 PM   #2  
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I worked for Atlas and have friends at Kalitta. Honestly, it doesn't make sense to leave one ACMI carrier for another. Yes, I truly believe Atlas will outlive Kalitta based on management team and overall business strategy, but the real question is "What are you after in life?" ...probably not a question suited for this forum.

You either chose ACMI for 1 of 3 reasons. 1. You enjoy the lifestyle of seeing/experiencing the World. 2. You are using it as a stepping stone to a 'Major.' 3. Your current qualifications/background/experience/perspective limit you to this Company.

The majority of ACMI pilots only leave their Company due to Bankruptcy. History has proven that. If you feels Kalitta is going under soon, then JUMP!
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Old 07-25-2014, 02:11 AM   #3  
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Having worked for Kalitta and having a friend at Atlas, I would say Atlas is the better long term airline. They don't have the home basing, but they are ahead of the curve in aircraft acquisition and have payscale.
I am at a pax carrier now and like it much more. Time at home, pay, and retirement are much better. I do miss 13 or 14 off in a row every month, but time with the family is now much better.
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Old 07-25-2014, 06:51 AM   #4  
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I would only leave if I saw the writing on the wall.
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Old 07-25-2014, 06:47 PM   #5  
Joined APC: Jul 2010
Position: 737 NG CAPT.
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Neither airline is a good choice anymore. If you move to Atlas you will most likely never upgrade at your age. Kalitta is the obvious choice for you now given your age and longevity. If you were age 45 or less a move to a US Major would be a good idea. If you have PIC on the 400 then look at ExPat jobs like Korean, Saudia, Qatar or Etihad. If you are an FO I would just gut it out at Kalitta until they close the doors.
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Old 07-25-2014, 11:33 PM   #6  
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The old man isn't closing the doors anytime soon....
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Old 07-25-2014, 11:43 PM   #7  
Joined APC: Oct 2008
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Unless his hourglass runs out.

That being said I'd work at either.
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Old 07-25-2014, 11:56 PM   #8  
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Neither airline is a good choice anymore.
COMPLETELY not true. It depends on your particular situation. I know guys at Atlas and Kalitta that like it a lot and aren't leaving.

There have been a few guys move from Kalitta to Atlas. I don't think any the other way. I don't think it makes a lot of sense. Maybe if you live in MIA, for instance, and want the Atlas base there so you're home all the time. I think if you want to leave Atlas/Kalitta, leave for an airline that is different than ACMI.
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Old 07-26-2014, 09:58 AM   #9  
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Originally Posted by aviatorhi View Post
Unless his hourglass runs out.

That being said I'd work at either.
When his hourglass does run out, I don't think his nephew is up to the challenge. That's my biggest concern. Right now there's no writing on the wall and K4 seems to have potential.
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Old 07-26-2014, 10:23 AM   #10  
Old P-3 IFE
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Originally Posted by lionflyer View Post
When his hourglass does run out, I don't think his nephew is up to the challenge.
What do you base this on? What do you know about him that makes you think this?
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